Alex Lee
Profession : Epigenetics Human Performance Coach
Category : Certified Level 1 Coaches
Country : Singapore
Contact : +65 8121-4313
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5.0 rating
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Hi! I’m Alex and I’m based in Singapore. I am a certified Epigenetics Human Performance Coach, an Enneagram Coach, a Life Coach and a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach all rolled into one. I have spent many years independently experiencing different diets, supplements, lifestyle interventions and techniques to optimise my health and to maximise my genetic potential. Prior to starting out in coaching, I spent two decades in the military, where fitness and human performance was a large part of my life and career. The emergent field of Epigenetics was a natural attractor to the evidence-based approach that I strongly live by.
I believe in the body’s natural ability to heal itself, and to function in a way that it was designed for. The genetic blueprint and the epigenetic influences are great resources for us to understand and know ourselves better, so that we can better support the body’s innate potential to regenerate and thrive. With access to this niche information, I help busy professionals restore balance so that they can lead more effective, more efficient, and more elegant lives.
I look forward to connecting with you. And welcome to the tribe.


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