Dr. Barbara A. Minton
Profession : Apeiron Epigenetic Coach
Certified : Level 1
Address : 1403 W. Franklin St.
State/City : Boise, ID
Contact : 208-867-4048
Schedule : drbminton@gmail.com
Rating :
5.0 rating
Portfolio : Details
Description : You are here because you want to improve your life.  You are looking for a more individualized, advanced, and effective approach to reach your goals. I have been an innovator in the mental health and wellness field for over 40 years. I worked in Alaska establishing model emotional wellness programs for rural residents and cutting edge programs for children and families coping with severe emotional illness.  I worked in Idaho to overhaul academic programs so that children with high potential would not waste their time in the classroom but could participate and work at their own unique level. I will bring my intellect, expertise, and dedication to your specific situation so that you can thrive with a program that takes into account your genetic makeup, your goals, your preferences, and your unique behavioral signature.  Let’s get started!  


Our program gives you direct access to the coaching, training and support resources that will allow you to change the signals that will make the biggest impact to optimize your potential to be the healthiest, happiest, best YOU!

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