Cem Serter
Profession : Human Performance Epigenetic Coach
Category : Certified Level 1 Coaches
Country : London, United Kingdom
Contact : +447710233377
Schedule : cem@apeironzoh.com
Rating :
5.0 rating
Portfolio : Details
Description : My work speaks for itself. I partner with high performers to expand the human experience, lead fulfilling lives and make living more fun. This partnership entails guiding you to your desired goals by assessing your current state with comprehensive genetic testing, labs and advanced technological modalities. Once this baseline is established, we create powerful, data driven bio-specific lifestyle strategies that rapidly move you into a new human experience. My areas of expertise include biohacking, nutrition, exercise and movement, breath-work, mindfulness, meditation, and peak performance to inform an integrated body and mind. To that end, I have advanced training in peptide therapies, hormone optimisation, cutting edge technologies for nervous system and brain health and use of the sequential and progressive strategies to address all aspects of the biological system. If you are ready to level up your performance, enhance your experience and become your best expression, I am the coach for you. Happy to connect and explore possibilities.


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