Chris Hnatin
Profession : Epigenetic Human Performance Coach
Certified : Level 1
Address : 327 Congress Unit 650
State/City : Austin, Texas
Country : United States
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I have been on the cutting edge of health and wellness, biohacking, and personal development for the last 10+ years. I tried every diet and listened to every expert in the health industry until I discovered an individualized approach to hacking the biological system in order to optimize my own performance.  This discovery found in epigenetics, “above the genes,” came from understanding the unique architecture of ones biology (DNA) and the environment that influences it. This discovery shed light on why diets and products work for some, but not for all. I found that lifestyle choices based on the individuals genes type and the expression of those genes create the biggest impact to optimize human performance.  By using genetics, epigenetics, and the environment as a baseline for analysis, I am able to identify products and lifestyle habits that optimize the human system, providing targeted solutions for clients and ultimately saving time and money.  I help people who are overwhelmed with conflicting health data and are looking for solutions tailored for them.

  Testimonials :

I see a functional medical doctor who after extensive evaluations and lab work, made certain lifestyle recommendations. After comparing the genetic information Chris provided to me I was amazed that his findings were nearly identical to what he said and at a fraction of the cost.  I was sold on DNA Consulting when all the vitamins I tested low on appeared in the DNA report as genetically low too! - Carol Blake

Chris exemplifies professionalism, is detail oriented as wells going the extra mile to find out the answers! - Dr. Dahvid Weiss


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