David Krantz
Profession : Epigenetic Coach
Certified : Level 1
Address : 190 Broadway St
State/City : Asheville, NC
Country : United States
Contact : dkrantz@apeironcenter.com
Schedule : https://genomicguru.com/davidkrantz
Rating :
5.0 rating
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Description :

I'm a certified Epigenetic Coach and specialize in boosting brain function to help you reach your creative and personal power. As a lifelong musician, I see the various systems of the body as parts of a complex symphony. And, as a coach, I'm an expert at fine-tuning those parts to create resonant harmonious health.  

I also serve as Director of Psychoacoustics at Apeiron where I develop sound-based tools for better mood, energy, and focus. Additionally, I'm an expert in the endocannabinoid system and have developed a proprietary genetic test for looking at the individual response to cannabinoids. As a biohacker by training and artist by nature, I enjoy working with others who have a deep passion for enjoying life.  

If you’re curious about what’s possible for you, I can guide you beyond your personal horizons and help you express your full genetic potential.


Our program gives you direct access to the coaching, training and support resources that will allow you to change the signals that will make the biggest impact to optimize your potential to be the healthiest, happiest, best YOU!

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