Devon Sabatier
Profession : Apeiron Human Epigenetic Performance Coach
Certified : Level 1
State/City : North Bay Village, FL
Contact : 305-900-5677
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5.0 rating
Description :

I, like many, have experienced first hand what it feels like to live a life that is unfulfilling. My journey began at a young age having grown up in a household where you weren’t finished eating until you were absolutely stuffed – leading to body image issues along with strong desire to address them.

My understanding of overall health at the time would only get me as far as “living the dream” on a temporary basis. I experienced extreme highs AND lows leaving me frustrated and discouraged. How could something that worked so well in the beginning completely derail me as I continued to execute WITHOUT CHANGING A THING?! I did not realize at the time, but this lack of sustainable progress only contributed to the mental and physical state that I was trying so hard to part ways with. I lacked confidence, motivation & energy which only continued to get worse as I spun my wheels going absolutely nowhere.

I knew that there had to be a way to hold onto my results without going through all these discouraging fluctuations so began to perform extensive research while furthering my education in order to get a better idea of the big picture.

I have now been in the fitness industry for a collective of 10 years and helping people bring out their best selves for 5 of them. From building, opening & operating high end fitness centers throughout the US, managing and leading entire teams to success all the way to working one on one with clients in an effort to help them grow in the direction they want to grow, I can honestly say that I’m right where I want to be!

It’s true, you don’t need much to look the way you want to look on the outside. Cut enough corners and you might just get there in less than a month (depending on where you start), but good luck holding onto your newly acquired trophy! It’s not about the quick fix & never has been; and if you’re reading this than I can only assume that on some level you agree with me. It’s about a complete transformation so that you are living and breathing that which you truly encompass deep down. In a sense it’s about bringing out the attributes you had inside all along by being mindful and staying aligned with, well, YOU.

The flaw with any traditional approach is that it’s not tailored enough to you, your genetics & your current lifestyle. You don’t just want to play a part in your favorite movie, you want to BE that character; which is not something that can be accomplished by following the masses and fooling yourself into thinking you’ve found a solution. You need to take the necessary time and action to actually learn enough about you and your specific needs in order to make a meaningful & lasting difference from the inside out! Once you have a sturdy foundation, ANYTHING is possible.


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