Dr. Nita Hawk
Profession : Human Performance Epigenetic Coach
Education : Doctorate in Organizational Behavior and Stress Optimization
State/City : San Antonio, TX
Country : United States
Contact : nchj16@gmail.com
Schedule : https://genomicguru.com/nitahawk
Rating :
5.0 rating
Course : All Courses
Description :

I am an exercise physiologist with 15+ years of professional practice, and a United States Air Force Human Performance subject matter expert. I am responsible for analyzing health data, establishing priorities, and implementing evidence based strategies. I leverage my health and wellness expertise by assisting clients to develop their human performance potential. As an epigenetic human performance coach, I apply a systems approach to help clients flourish. Flourishing happens by raising levels of awareness in our individual biology and environmental programming. My goal is to assist every client in becoming the highest performing expression of themselves.

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