Paola Zuazua
Profession : Human Performance Epigenetic Coach
Certified : Level 1
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5.0 rating
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Description : What does Epigenetics have to do with me? Since epigenetics itself is a wonderful very broad science, I say it in a very personal way as the place where our thoughts and our feelings, where our environment and habits meet up together with our biology. Focusing on the unique biology of each client, I help people transform their common everyday to an extraordinary wellbeing and awareness with how and why our genes express or not, on how to leverage from it for a better being within ourselves, better being within our bodies, a better being with others and deep relationships. My passion but not limited to, are the littlest ones. I aim help the babies and children have people around them “listen to their voices” so they can deploy their full potential, wellbeing and happiness for their lifespan and offspring. ALL babies and children, from the ones to come, the ones being born and the ones around us. Not to leave aside those children that we have been once before and we still have inside us in our bodies, in our memories, in our deeper inside… in our biology.


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