Terrence Clark
Profession : Epigenetic Performance & Lifestyle Coaching
Category : Certified Level 1 Coaches
State/City : Chevy Chase, Maryland
Contact : 202.277.7792
Rating :
5.0 rating
Portfolio : Details
Description : Terrence "Terry" Clark is a high energy professional with extensive experience in Federal law enforcement and intelligence. He helps optimize decision makers, IT executives, law enforcement personnel and first responders. Terry understands first hand how a stressful and taxing career can challenge your body and mind’s ability to perform at its highest level. Identifying the links between a client’s current lifestyle and impediments to optimization is just a first step in the epigenetic coaching model.  


Our program gives you direct access to the coaching, training and support resources that will allow you to change the signals that will make the biggest impact to optimize your potential to be the healthiest, happiest, best YOU!

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