Presley Thompson

As a former project manager I love creative problem solving, and being in that space requires the understanding that no two problems have the same solution. So when I found myself with debilitating fatigue, chronic pain and systemic imbalances that completely took me out of my life, I directed that philosophy toward my recovery – and in the process I discovered a new passion. The uniqueness and complexity of our bodies and minds provides the ultimate playground for optimization, and the converging paths of physical, mental and emotional health create an exciting space to facilitate healing and personal growth. As unique beings no two health journeys are the same, but I’ve found that by harnessing the power of our genetic intelligence (nature), combined with bio-individualized nutrition, mindset optimization, and some targeted biohacking (nurture), we can liberate ourselves from chronic dis-ease and truly thrive.

I believe that you have limitless potential – and I also know it doesn’t always feel that way. I’ve been there, I can relate, and I can help. Through utilizing precision data, comprehensive reports and a systems-based approach, I can help you find your core freedoms and discover a deep sense of wellbeing, transformation and possibility.

If you’re interested in learning about how to access your limitless potential and true freedom in your life, reach out to set up an introduction.


“I had been looking for a great health coach to work with for about four years. After a three-month program with Presley I now have a deeper understanding of how to maintain peak performance and keep my energy high all day long based on my body’s unique needs. I often work 12 hour days as a soccer coach, and having precision data about how to stay mentally sharp and feeling strong has been critical for me. Athlete or not, I highly recommend Presley – he is a great fit!”  { David W, Seattle }