Unlock the Power of Your Genetic Code with Epigenetic Human Potential Coaching

Experience a new paradigm in health that taps into the personal and precise power
of your DNA so you can optimize your health and life.

Precision – Performance – Potential

Epigenetic Performance Coaching is the key to unlocking your limitless genetic potential.

Discover how this new paradigm of medicine is the true cutting edge of transformation and health optimization. Taking a whole systems approach, puts you the client at the center of care. We combine cutting edge genetic and epigenetic science with physiology, biochemistry, brain/peak performance, hormones, lifestyle and positive psychology for personalized and precise solutions so you can access your limitless potential to thrive

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Intelligent and Whole

Human Potential Medicine Optimizes Your Health & Life
360 Genetic Health Optimization Evaluation

Comprehensive review of labs and other physiologic data. lifestyle assessments. Physiologic response to stimuli and analysis of quality of life inventory.

Advanced Genomic Testing

Analysis of over 500 genetic variants that predict optimal lifestyle factors and guide interventions specific for your genetic blueprint.

Bio-Individualized Recommendations

Comprehensive lifestyle recommendations based on your personal genetic blueprint and desired performance outcomes.

Coaching & Biometric Monitoring

Ongoing epigenetic performance coaching to upgrade the human system to achieve your limitless potential.

I Believe in You…

Live Healthstrong in conjunction with Apeiron utilizes genetic analysis, personalized biometric data and technology to guide nutritional, and lifestyle behaviors to optimize health in order to achieve and sustain a state of high-performance. I started Live Healthstrong after 27 years in healthcare. Disillusioned with a sickcare system that does little more than manage disease states, I developed Live Healthstrong’s Protocol for Optimization of Health and Human Performance  to provide an individualized approach to health and performance backed by science and data.

Precision – Performance – Potential

We are the architects of our evolution. Limitless potential exists within us to access the intelligence that makes us unique.
Our DNA, the very foundation of life is the blueprint and yet that blueprint does not define our destiny. At Apeiron, we partner with you to unlock the true potential that lies dormant in the DNA. We create a paradigm of precision and performance for limitless human potential.

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Richard I commend you on your guidance through this process. You are well on your way to transforming lives. Thank you for opening up a new perspective in my life. The information I have gathered from this experience will no doubt transfer for my remaining days. Thank you

Alex P.

This is amazing Richard! The transformation for myself and Sixto has been an eye opener for us. We are sleeping better, thinking better about portions controls, nutrition and just creating better habits. We’ve had many challenges but are now equip with knowledge about our bodies and better understanding of nutritions. We still have a long road ahead but your blogs and support will carry us through. Great stuff!!

Carmen Q.

Unlock Your Limitless Potential with
Human Potential Medicine

Our epigenetic program delivers personalized and precise coaching,
training and support that will allow you to experience your limitless, healthy life.







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