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Experience a new paradigm in health that taps into the personal and precise power
of your DNA so you can optimize your health and life.

Precision – Performance – Potential

Epigenetic Performance Coaching is the key to unlocking your limitless genetic potential.

Discover how this new paradigm of medicine is the true cutting edge of transformation and health optimization. Taking a whole systems approach, puts you the client at the center of care. We combine cutting edge genetic and epigenetic science with physiology, biochemistry, brain/peak performance, hormones, lifestyle and positive psychology for personalized and precise solutions so you can access your limitless potential to thrive

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Intelligent and Whole

Human Potential Medicine Optimizes Your Health & Life
360 Genetic Health Optimization Evaluation

Comprehensive review of labs and other physiologic data. lifestyle assessments. Physiologic response to stimuli and analysis of quality of life inventory.

Advanced Genomic Testing

Analysis of over 500 genetic variants that predict optimal lifestyle factors and guide interventions specific for your genetic blueprint.

Bio-Individualized Recommendations

Comprehensive lifestyle recommendations based on your personal genetic blueprint and desired performance outcomes.

Coaching & Biometric Monitoring

Ongoing epigenetic performance coaching to upgrade the human system to achieve your limitless potential.

I Believe in You…

Dr. Tracy Gapin is a urologist and epigenetics expert in Sarasota, Florida, specializing in precision-based lifestyle medicine to help men optimize their potential.

He provides advanced epigenetic evaluation and coaching, nutrition and lifestyle intervention, individualized supplement programs and a personalized approach to helping men maximize their performance in all areas of their lives.

Precision – Performance – Potential

We are the architects of our evolution. Limitless potential exists within us to access the intelligence that makes us unique.

Our DNA, the very foundation of life is the blueprint and yet that blueprint does not define our destiny. At Apeiron, we partner with you to unlock the true potential that lies dormant in the DNA. We create a paradigm of precision and performance for limitless human potential.

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After some soul searching and reading Dr. Gapin’s, Smart Men’s Health articles; I began on my health journey. It all started with daily walks and never skipping a day. This not only gets my body moving but helps my state of mind. It’s my time to listen to podcasts for personal development or to music for meditation. In addition to walks I made substantial changes in the kitchen such as; getting rid of all processed and sugary foods, only eating real foods and fresh produce and increasing water intake. Sleeping patterns also improved and sexual health has skyrocketed. Since December 2017, I have dropped nearly 40 pounds and shredded 5 inches just off my waistline. I am so grateful for this knowledge and guidance that has helped me become a healthier man, husband and father! I now knowhow well my body is supposed to feel! Thank you Dr. Gapin!

Andrew B.

I have been to doctor after doctor, worked out with a trainer, switched to a paleo diet and still couldn’t get the weight off. I felt anxious and so frustrated. This program changed all of that! As soon as I had my precision testing done, it showed that I couldn’t breakdown fats properly. The moment the team put me on a Mediterranean diet and began specific supplementation with me, I dropped 13 pounds in 10 days! Now, 5 months later, I am down over 30 pounds, have increased my lean muscle, have more energy than I know what to do with and look better now at 49 then I did when I was 39.

Sheila L.Oak Park, IL

Unlock Your Limitless Potential with
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Our epigenetic program delivers personalized and precise coaching,
training and support that will allow you to experience your limitless, healthy life.







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